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Cleans your gadgets and safe for kids. Never any alcohol, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, VOCs, ammonia or formaldehyde.


As someone who puts the task of non-toxic products THAT WORK at the top of my list, Gooey Gadgets fit the bill. My husband now sneaks them from our stash for his laptop screen, glasses, and ski goggles (he wears them on daily outdoor bike rides.) Gooey Gadgets Wipes are a DREAM for teachers, parents, type-A kiddos (I have one!) and anyone who loves a good clean screen.

Vanessa W.

We use these all the time. They work amazingly well, which is enough for me, but the fact that they are non-toxic is really a bonus because of the long term effects of toxins and chemicals. They are easy to use and both of my kids think it's fun to clean using them. Side note, I use them to clean the smudges off my glasses while working too, they are just really useful. Five STARS!!!

Sophie & Easton's Mom